First Programer

Life Programming View


This is an invitation to every one in the programming field to raise up the head off the screen and look around with a different angle view.


As a programmer it is your nature to always ask for details and search for facts and digging deep in low levels, According to this did you ever ask:

  1. What is the first interface produced and when was that?.
  2. What is the code language and how the syntax look like?.
  3. How big the code was, How many lines?.
  4. How old the object-Oriented is and who is the first one created?.
  5. What is the first object instance created?.
  6. What is the size of first processor and how much power needed?.
  7. Did the old nations know about programming, Was it existed at that time?.


As a programmer it is your nature the ability to realize what are going on and how it works and came up with a conclusion how to program a new version of what you have in hands, You was a successor in this in your career and in your home and even in your whole life.


Because our Goal is a programmer we will track his trace.


As a programmer the nearest thing to you is your Computer, we always think of it as a device you can make money from and for entertainment or playing and to do all the major things of your life and now days you cannot imagine life without it.


As a programmer you know that every interface need a code or script to be rendered


By continuing our search we can realize that this very big interface and language need a big environment suitable for it.


Since we finished our analyzing (You can name it a tour if you like) we came to the final stage of our searching.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a programmer and a programmer can see a programmer.

If you realize this message it is easy for you to make such conclusion, And here we will call it a DECISION.

I’m a software developer for 20 years now and these years earn me a different view about life, I would like to share this view with all world developers.