First Programer

Life Programming View


This is an invitation to every one in the programming field to raise up the head off the screen and look around with a different angle view.

It is for whom who writing code from heart not from mind.

It is for whom who realize not remember.

It is a speech with the programmer nature.


As a programmer it is your nature to always ask for details and search for facts and digging deep in low levels, According to this did you ever ask:

  1. What is the first platform or IDE?.
  2. What is the first interface produced and when was that?.
  3. What is the code language and how the syntax look like?.
  4. How big the code was, How many lines?.
  5. How old the object-Oriented is and who is the first one created?.
  6. What is the first object instance created?.
  7. What is the size of first processor and how much power needed?.
  8. Did the old nations know about programming, Was it existed at that time?.

And more more questions …?

We could combine these questions with a main single one :

Who is the first programmer? who initialize all of this.


As a programmer it is your nature the ability to realize what are going on and how it works and came up with a conclusion how to program a new version of what you have in hands, You was a successor in this in your career and in your home and even in your whole life.

To reach a Goal (usually making a software) you always collect requirements and analyzing it to reach conclusion (for software it will be a “Solution”).

Let us use the same technique:


Because our Goal is a programmer we will track his trace.

In any programming process there is always an environment to work with and compiled codes shaping graphical interface or logical one.

In our analyzing let us go backward and look for the interface and then the codes and finally the environment.


As a programmer the nearest thing to you is your Computer, we always think of it as a device you can make money from and for entertainment or playing and to do all the major things of your life and now days you cannot imagine life without it.

this is an image for a fact: it is a tiny small example of something much much bigger.

Leave the computer, Put it behind you, Let it be at your back, Face the world, Face the earth, Face the sky, Face the plants, Face the animals, Face the people, …

You are simply facing the interface of the biggest program you will not even be able to imagine.

Notice what we was counting, It is modules! each module has a lot of models, large number of models and each model (or object if you prefer) has the graphical shape reflecting the core object inside it and each of them has an API you can deal with (properties, methods, events).

Let us take an example, Where can we find an example?

You!, you are the best and biggest object in this massive program:

Graphical shape : Your body.

Core object: Your self.

Properties: Hair.color = black, Hair.length = 20cm, skin.color = brown, skin.feel = soft, …, …, …

Methods: Five major methods : Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Feeling, All of them return an action of the object or raise an event.

Events: When heat source touching your hand you will remove it away without your willing, The feeling of the heat raise up this event.

Did you notice the highlighting of the word (Best), You are the best because you have a unique model that the other objects don’t have: The thinking Brain an individual processing unit that can Make a Design we are always name it Willing.

This is a very short brief of the interface and you can continue exploring it as much as your impression.


As a programmer you know that every interface need a code or script to be rendered

Where we will find the code for the interface we already saw in the previous section.

Lets continue with the same example we previously use : You.

You are made of DNA, What is DNA, and what it is made of?

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. DNA and RNA are nucleic acids; alongside proteins, lipids and complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides), they are one of the four major types of macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life.

DNA is a double helix made up of 4 building blocks -bases- called adenine “A”, thymine “T”, cytosine “C” and guanine “G”.

The human body contains almost 3 billion bases of DNA.

Then all of livings objects are made of a combination of four codes A, T, C and G, Lets call this programing language ATCG.

These codes are saved in storage and there is a process for reading it and put it in memory to execute it!

It is the same as what your software need to be executed.

Since there was a livings objects centuries before our computers then programming is not a new and it was there since first living object exists and this language was the first one.

This is also a very very short brief of the code used to render this massive interface and you can continue exploring it as much as your impression.


By continuing our search we can realize that this very big interface and language need a big environment suitable for it.

Like your software during programing there is a suitable IDE and operation system.

System!, We already know similar one and it is really suitable for what we are searching for.

It is the Solar System, Then who write the code for rendering an interface he also prepare a suitable environment to run it.

Throw all centuries it was the environment which whole objects are running and acting and reacting, All properties, methods and events are performing well no mistakes no bugs it is stable version since first time released, No need for debugging, No need for versioning, No need for fixing any thing, The sun was there from the begging and the moon also, Trees, Rocks, Mountains, Grass, plants, Chickens and Cows for feeding, Everything is well prepared, Every single matter is taken seriously, Everything taken into consideration, Everything is computed well.

This is also a very very short brief of the environment used to run this massive interface and you can continue exploring it as much as your impression.


Since we finished our analyzing (You can name it a tour if you like) we came to the final stage of our searching.

After all what you read can you imagine who can build such environment and write such codes and render such interface.

As a programmer you are bigger than your code and surround it and also surrounding the IDE and operating system and you can controls your interface much more than the user do, You can do things user even don’t know or hear about it, you own much power than who using your interface, You can prevent him from doing that or that you can gives privileges or take it, You can display sections or parts and hide others.

How much power has who made this system?, How big he is?, How much comprehensive he is?.

How much speed of computing he has?, How many process?, How many threads?.

It is very impressive this capability of computing!.

As a programmer could you ever leave your system?, What about the support?

Who is making this support for such system?.

As a programmer could you make a software to handle everything in the universe?.

Please free your thoughts of our computers, Servers and software’s and how big systems we builds and look at this massive system, Could you ever compare the two systems?

After that try to make conclusion, who made this, who is writing codes, who is running it, who is running the environment, who is always there for his users.

Who is the first programmer?.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a programmer and a programmer can see a programmer.

If you realize this message it is easy for you to make such conclusion, And here we will call it a DECISION.

So what is yours?

And here a very big question came to mind, Is he (First Programmer) single or team?



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