Life Programming View — 05 Quantum Mechanics — Entanglement


Quantum Mechanics, This weird theory.

  1. Quantum Entanglement
  2. Quantum tunneling

2.Quantum Entanglement

In Quantum physics Entanglement mean that one particle can have a relation with other one and it is effecting each other and it does not matter how far they are .

3.Another view

Let us reflect that on our new special particle: SELF


Let us leave the rest to the reader to complete.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a developer and a developer can see a developer.

If you realize this message it is easy for you to make such conclusion, And here we will call it a DECISION.

I’m a software developer for 20 years now and these years earn me a different view about life, I would like to share this view with all world developers.