Life Programming View — 06 Quantum Mechanics — Tunneling


Quantum Mechanics, This weird theory.

The most popular principles for quantum mechanics are:

Where can we find it in that massive environment we talked about earlier .

2.Quantum Tunneling

In Quantum physics Tunneling mean that one particle can have a shortcut path rather than the regular one and this will save time and make the travailing for this particle very very fast .

3.Another view

Let us reflect that on our new special particle: SELF

This particle is really can travel in very large speed using irregular path.

Let us say that you travel from your country to another one by air and the journey took several hours and you stay there for several days and came back.

During these days you visit several places and have very great time and have fun.

When you came back your family and friends will ask you about your journey and you will start describing about it, At that moment you will see an images of that journey in your head and you will describe it even your eyes will moves right and left as what you are seeing.

Yes you are there but not by your body but by your self.

when you at work You can go any time to your home and came back in no time.

All of that and much much more happen all of the time and we do no notice, We call it memories.


Let us leave the rest to the reader to complete.

And the question renewed again:

Who is the developer who can create that?.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a developer and a developer can see a developer.

If you realize this message it is easy for you to make such conclusion, And here we will call it a DECISION.

So what is yours?

I’m a software developer for 20 years now and these years earn me a different view about life, I would like to share this view with all world developers.

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