Life Programming View 1.1


This is part two of the first story Life Programming View.

2.Programmers Types

There are three types of programmers:
Single programmer
Team of programmers with administrator one
Different programmers each one works on his own


If we go back to our interface we discussed before do we find unified work or versioning one.
Do we find version two for the sun or the moon or the trees or the human body.
Doesn’t medicine works for the oldest and the present human kind
How does modern medicine diagnose the death cause of a mummy was dead before thousands of years
How does seeds founded buried for thousands of years has grow up as same as these in this days
Doesn’t every living kind came from one unified way(meeting of two cells)
and more and more
What about similarity between all creatures in air, water and land, All has to feed and breed and the most unified common ever: all will die.


which one of the three types we discussed above you will consider.
which one you will see fitting this beautiful optimal world.
which one will be chosen.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a programmer and a programmer can see a programmer.

I’m a software developer for 20 years now and these years earn me a different view about life, I would like to share this view with all world developers.