Life Programming View 1.1


This is part two of the first story Life Programming View.

While our search for the first programmer continue a very big question could be raise up in any programmer mind: is this programmer Single or Team.

This is a very common question in the programming world and the only way to answer it is to analyze the work and came up with a conclusion.

2.Programmers Types

There are three types of programmers:
Single programmer
Team of programmers with administrator one
Different programmers each one works on his own

2.1.Single programmer

When a professional programmer works by him self only he know what to do and when to do and he will be surrounding his work and know each single piece of it and his output will be unified in each part of his work, For example:
The interface: color, size, position,… of each element will be always the same and similar where you looked and search.
The code: variables and functions naming style, Object creating, Object relations, Object calling,… will always be the same.
The Performance: Memory optimization, Storage, Processing,…

And as much as professional he is the work will be unified and optimal.
And vise versa:
As much as you find unified work you will know that this is came from a professional single programmer.

2.2.Team of programmers with administrator one

When a team of different programmer works together each one of them has a different way of thinking and a different work style and this always will cause mistakes and bugs and there for will be the administrator to guide these programmers.
This one has the tough works and as much as he has power these programmers will obeys but will not be as perfect as he want because he will not be always there with them, He has to be absent doing other work or with other person and this is weak and the work will not be optimal.
And that is the main reason of software versioning.

2.3.Independent programmers each one works on his own

In this case each programmers will work as what he see and in his style and always see that his is the optimal one and the others is less of him and there will be always a comparison and a competition and the work will appears completely in several different looks and each part of it will have a different functionality.
This appears very well in companies works in the same fields and for examples: Browsers, image editors, communication softwares,...


If we go back to our interface we discussed before do we find unified work or versioning one.
Do we find version two for the sun or the moon or the trees or the human body.
Doesn’t medicine works for the oldest and the present human kind
How does modern medicine diagnose the death cause of a mummy was dead before thousands of years
How does seeds founded buried for thousands of years has grow up as same as these in this days
Doesn’t every living kind came from one unified way(meeting of two cells)
and more and more
What about similarity between all creatures in air, water and land, All has to feed and breed and the most unified common ever: all will die.

lack of nature
Lets discuss this expression we hear a lot with a programming point of view
As a programmer if you make a software, Perfect one and whole users dealing with are satisfied and this software has a rule that if something happened one of the labels will came in a black text color and it’s size will be little different against others, Will you accept if someone said that the whole system is bad and not suitable and… and …

aren’t we all accept the red pop up message appears in every software warning users if something wrong happen, And the same user will have objection if it does not appears.
Why we accept to delete or truncate a file if it is infected of some virus.
Why all modern programming IDE came in black these days, Isn’t it more comfortable for our eyes.
Why we accept security blocking although it is preventing us of what we like.

All what we consider lack will be reasonable only:
if we know why it made for
if we know that it is for our sake
if we had a full confidence with who made it

So can we consider a sudden appearance of cancer in human body is a pop up message for him?.


which one of the three types we discussed above you will consider.
which one you will see fitting this beautiful optimal world.
which one will be chosen.

Conclusion can made by you, Only you, Because you are a programmer and a programmer can see a programmer.

I’m a software developer for 20 years now and these years earn me a different view about life, I would like to share this view with all world developers.